Don Napolitano

Multi-Award Winning Author

Don Napolitano, graduated from the University of San Francisco, with Master’s degrees in Human Resources and Organizational Development. He is a retired Captain in the United States Coast Guard, Eleventh District Southern Region Auxiliary, serving Southern California. His responsibilities included participation in search and rescue patrols, and Homeland Security projects. His span of responsibility encompassed five divisions that represented approximately five-hundred men and women. He received several meritorious accommodations for his work in MDA patrols (anti-terrorist activities) and over 1500 hours on patrol boats.

Don is a five-time national award winning author. He received a Finalist Award in 2010 for his fiction book Submarine Commander Jodi Bennington from
Next Generation Indie Books Awards. Also for his books DIVORCE, WHY ME? Why Not!  Don received a Finalist Award in the Self-Help — Relationships category from the National Best Books, and for EVE, Adam's First Wife he was presented the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award and was a Best Books Award Winner for the USA Book News.